We are constently evolving and working with manufacturers to meet the constant need for innovation in the marine and industrial domains. Hydraunav customers can count on leading expertise in these sectors. expertise de pointe dans ces secteurs.

Our team attaches great importance to the choice of quality materials to ensure the sustainability of the projects it designs.


For several years, we have been offering marine and industrial engineering services to ensure the feasibility and sustainability of our clients' projects. We are constantly developing with manufacturers (OEMs) and industries. Furthermore, our team attaches great importance to the choice and quality of materials in order to ensure the sustainability of the structures it designs. Que ce soit pour des conseils ou pour des besoins particuliers, laissez nos ingénieurs vous assister dans la réalisation de vos projets complexes.


For a shipyard or any other development that requires complex hydraulic installations, whether it is for a modification of your current system or simply to update your equipment, we also offer the technical drawing service. You will participate in the project process, seeing your project come to fruition on your screen or on paper.


Do you have problems or constraints, do you lack a solution? Don't hesitate to call us at such times, our specialty is by far our impeccable customer service. Our experts will help you solve the problems. Overcoming challenges is part of our daily life.


Given the growing number of suppliers we represent, of course we also offer equipment repair. In addition, if you have hydraulic devices to be tested, we have the capacity and the right equipment to proceed, in complete safety, to proper verification of them.