No matter what you are looking for in terms of steering system, we can find the parts and accessories that you need to build or repair your actual or dream system..

For more than 35 years, Hydraunav designs and installs steering systems that are adapted to your needs. We are proud to have a strong and long lasting partnership with Kobelt. Nous sommes en mesure de fournir des éléments fabriqués au Canada, approuvé par les sociétés de classification. Nous sommes le distributeur Kobelt à Québec et dans l'est du Canada, le plus qualifié. 

For 40 feet long lobster fishing boats or 400 feet long icebreaker, we can supply a product that is adapted to your needs and to the most difficult conditions.


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A steering system on any boat can become quite complex!

We can design a steering system from A to Z. We calculate the torque, the wind effects on the ship and the hydraulic system.


The helm pump is located right behind the wheel and it removes any friction on the bar, helping you turn easily. Often hydraulic based, we have to know certain informations about the boat and the hydraulic system to choose the right one.

  • Model : Steel or bronze
  • Power : 40 to 650cc
  • Non-load reaction
  • Hydraulic or electric

Helm pump


This Hydraunav design has proven itself very useful throughout the years. Much easier to adapt to any system than the competition, this block is designed to protect your steering system and works with your autopilot. We also offer a 2 speed model.

  • Aluminium build
  • Un, 2 vitesses ou variable
  • For autopilot
  • Assisted or not


Bloc de gouverne 1 vitesse assisté

Bloc de gouverne 1 vitesse non-assisté

Bloc de gouverne à vitesse variable

Bloc de gouverne


This technological unit has been specially conceived for the boat owner that wants durability and reliability. The exterior and interior motor control heads by Kobelt are known all around the world for their durability and expertise. All the electronic commands are made in bronze and stainless steel and are available for configurations with one or 2 engines. And if your preferblack epoxy, chrome or polished brass,we have a look that will fit in any helmsman decor.

  • Electrical or cable
  • Black or chrome - with other options
  • With or without analog options

Electronic control

Push-pull control

Pneumatic control

Controle moteur


The Jog Lever is used to replace or help the wheel. The operator can move the boat by a simple left-right motion with the lever. But the lever doesn't move in the same direction the rudder does, it slightly moves the boat in the direction the operator wants it to go.

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Spring return
  • 1 or 2 speed

job lever


Keypower designs and builds bow and stern thrusters, robust and reliable, since nearly 40 years. Built with high quality materials, robust engineering and great engagement towards customers, Keypower thrusters are a sure shot in any steering system.

  • 12V, 24V or hydraulic
  • Size : 8" to 36"
  • Flow : 7.5 to 125 gpm
  • Pressure : 2500 psi
  • Materials Bronze or aluminium
  • Tube : Rolled steel or fiberglass
  • Front or rear thruster

 KeyPower Thruster



We also distribute Wesmar

  • 7" to 48"
  • Stainless steel
  • 4 blades per propeller
  • 12V, 24V, 48V, AC with variable speed & hydraulic

Propulseur d'étrave


Models : in aluminium or bronze

Usage : The goal of this valve is to protect from hydraulic shocks or over pressurization, that can damage the steering limp or rudder. This valve also serves as a bypass valve if there is a system malfunction.

Valve de sureté


The drawbar is quite important : it converts linear motion on a cylinder into rotary motion of the rudder stock. It happens to calculate it well to withstand all the blows, mechanical and hydraulic forces which are imposed on it.

tiller arm ou timon


Cylinders are all built in bronze or stainless steel, so they can't exceed pressures of 2000 psi. So these work perfectly for conventional steering systems that are around 1000 to 1500 psi. Their bronze conception makes them extremely resistant to marine conditions, which means less rust, repair or change of parts. Their price might surprise you, in a good way!

Again, let us help you find the best equipment for your needs and give us a call!

If you are curious, head over to our cylinder page to see different sizes.

Cylindre en bronze


Vitals provides advanced warning of potential equipment failures with a range of intelligent alarms that alert you of potential problems before they become catastrophic. The specific advantage of this centralized monitoring and alarm system is that it can be easily configured to suit your specific boat. Whether it's the temperature of a bearing or the cycle times of your bilge pumps, Vitals will monitor your boat's systems and alert you when a monitored piece of equipment is outside of its operating parameters.

ecran alarme
alarme vitals


The rudder feedback unit (RFU 7168) is designed to be mechanically connected to the rudder stock, to feed back rudder angle position data to autopilots, rudder angle indicators and full tracking control systems. It is constructed of bronze and stainless steel for marine environments and durability.


Also available, we have rudder clamps, to ease the connexion between the feedback unit and the rudder stock. 

indicateur d'angle
Pince de gouvernail


The 7175 Analog Indicator Gauges provide a reliable display of the rudder angle, rudder command or propeller pitch position at your boat's control stations. These small, waterproof 3 inch diameter indicators include backlighting for night and day operations. They are available in a master or slave configuration to meet your system requirements. A reverse rudder angle indicator is available to line up with the stations facing aft. They can be configured with up to six units in total in an operational loop.

indicateur d'angle

 MOTOR CONTROL (Mighty Mariner)

Simplified system of motor control

  • Designed for 1 or 2 engines
  • Mechanical or electronic
  • Up to 4 command posts
  • Very affordable
  • For electronic or cable controlled engine
  • Build in bronze and stainless steel

Many other available controls for all kinds of ships.

Kobelt builds many other interesting accessories, such as alarm panels, panoramic angle indicators, pneumatic controls, remote controls, etc.

mighty mariner
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