The number of equipment and accessories required on a boat can sometimes be surprising! We have several accessories and equipment that are difficult to categorize: haulers, fishponds, crab blocketc. We also often build custom systemsso don't hesitate to contact us if you don't find what you need!

Hauler ‘’Crab Block’’

Les crab block The crab blocks that we offer are an original design by Hydraunav. Manufactured to meet the highest demands, these models have proven their worth for over 35 years. We assure you that you will not lack strength and speed as you reassemble your cages.

  • In steel or thick stainless steel
  • Strong and fast engine
  • Replacement parts available

Half-price plate kit in exchange for your old ones.

Plates rebuilt at 50%

Desalination systems 

SK Watermaker

The water desalination (also called desalination or desalination ou désalinisation) is a process that makes fresh water from salt water. A rather complex process, but a very simple way of not running out of water in your boat. Leave it to us to choose the right equipment for your needs.eau douce à partir d'eau salée. Un procédé plutôt complexe mais une façon très simple de ne pas manquer d’eau dans ton bateau. Laissez-nous le soin de choisir l’équipement adapté à votre besoin.



Depending on the type of fishing, it may be necessary to install a reel on the mast of a crane for the hydraulic supply lines to the winch located at the end of the boom. Reels can be used for a multitude of other applications, which is why there is a wide variety..

Reel type : Steel or stainless steel

Dimension : Double or quadruple

A wide variety of reels available.

Fishpond and air blower

Bubbles system to oxygenate fishponds and keep fish and other marine life alive.

  • Different systems
  • Different sizes
  • Quality systems
  • Custom capacity

For fishpond's pumps, please refer to the pumps section of our website or contact us.