Commerciaux marins



You are fully aware that a boat requires a lot of accessories anddock equipments. We distribute parts and equipments form many respected brands but we also offer custom designs to fulfill your needs. 

Anchor, cable, chains and cords

We have many models and sizes of boat anchors. Of course, the linking equipment is included but it can also be sold separately.

  • Stockless Anchor
  • AC-14 Anchor
  • Workboat Anchor
  • Delta HHP Anchor
  • Stevin
  • Bruces
Type d'ancre

Cords and Cables

We also sale cords and cables. We have access to any size and types of chains, in many types of steel.

More and more, ropes are used for hauling and lifting. Just as strong as cables, ropes offer better elasticity and require less maintenance. On the other hand, for several uses, a cable is a better option. Of course, it sometimes becomes difficult to distinguish the pros and cons of both options. In these cases, do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your needs.


Make sure your fenders are in good shape to protect your boat while docking. These balloons, available in all shapes and sizes, are also available in different materials. Contact us to find what's right for you!

Bollards and mooring

There are many different kinds of mooring systems. We are a distributor of Nabrico, which offers almost all possible sizes and models of bollards and moorings. If we don't have exactly the model you're looking for, we may be able to find something that will live up to your expectations.

Bollard, bitts


A bollard is that cast iron structure, usually with two short arms, around which the moorings of a ship docked at the quay are wrapped and tied. There are many different shapes and capacities.

Materials : Steel of cast iron
Covering : painted or hot-dip galvanized
Composition : Simple or double head
Capacity : up to 500 Ton


taquet, cleat


In the nautical field, a cleat is a device located on the ship to block a rope. These are more often found on small boats or on docks.

Materials :steel, cast iron or stainless steel
Covering :painted or hot-dip galvanized
Size : from 2" to 48"
Capacity : up to 84 Ton


Fairlead and roller

When you moor, the rope has to go somewhere. This is what mooring rings exist for; designed to tolerate enormous lateral force. That's why the rollers are often located alongside to help the rope or cable slide smoothly.

Materials : steel
Covering : painted
Size : opening from 10" to 24"
Capacity : up to 373 Ton