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Hydraunav truly has a solid expertise in guiding its clients to the right product for their needs.

For a new build or a modernisation of your boat, we will know how to guide you so that you get the right product, at the right price. Doors, windows, manholes and emergency exits... we can manage any of those issues. 

We have many suppliers and we comply to all classification societies and Transport Canada.

Les portes et fenêtres de bateau au Québec.


The doors we offer are designed to withstand the rigours of recreational and commercial offshore applications. Doors are used on a wide variety of fishing boats, tugs, barges, research vessels, rescue crafts and many more. Robust construction with precision working components made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other quality materials. A variety of single lever for quick acting or individual mechanisms.

Weatherproof door

  • Available in brushed or painted aluminum, or even steel
  • Custom sizes available
  • Double opening, sliding or French door
  • Simple or double window
  • Custom tint

Waterproof door

  • Available in brushed or painted aluminum, or even steel
  • Custom sizes available
  • Quick-action opening by pivot or with a single lever arm
  • Standard version with many lever arms
  • Replacement parts available
  • Long lasting

Fireproof door (A-60)

  • Available only in painted steel
  • Custom sizes available
  • Quick action lever or with wheel
  • Few different models available
Porte a-60
Portes, porte étanche


The hatches we offer are mostly commercial grade. Very resistant, they are designed to waterproof floors and withstand severe weather. Additionally, watertight hatches are designed to seal up to 30 feet of intermittent head. The double-sealed gasket provides a better seal under pressure.


  • Available in aluminium or steel
  • Dock-level hatches
  • Possibility to have the contour in a different material
  • With or without hinge
  • Quick access or bolted

Steel models :         

Aluminum models :   

Most doors and hatches have a classification approbation.

Écoutille, trou d'homme, hatch


Every window can be custom sized. Every customization offers a great possibility of variations.

  • Glass tints
  • Fixed, sliding (from the side or top)
  • Complete opening
  • Hinge opening
fenêtre de bateau


porthole is a small sized window , usually circle, pierced in the boat's hull to let in air and light. We offer different kinds of porthole with single window or with protective cover in addition to having the option of being welded or even bolted.

Some portholes can be approved by a classification.