Cranes are lifting equipment that move loads over desired distances. There are several models with different capacities to meet all needs; it's about finding the right crane for the right need. We represent two well established companies, in very different fields, for which we import. We therefore offer the sale and installation services of these. This allows us to serve the marine and mobile domains, from coast to coast in Canada.

For mobile cranes, please refer to industrial sector page of our website.

We are the exclusive distributor of HEILA cranes in Canada. These cranes are made with marine quality in mind. Assembled in stainless steel: bolts, pins and hydraulic tubes all made especially for a naval use. pin et tube hydraulique, conçues spécialement pour une utilisation navale.

  • Lifting capacity : 1 à 240 t.m.
  • Extension capacity : up to 24 meters (78 feet)
  • Painted with marine treatment choose from 216 colours
  • Cylinder rod available in nickel-chrome
  • Continuous rotation on "R" model
  • Can adapt to many different hydraulic winches

Here are the technical sheets of the most popular cranes. For cranes of larger dimensions, contact our specialists.​

 HLM 3-1S        HLM 3-2S       HLM 6-1S         HLM 6-2S      HLM 8-1S   

 HLM 8-2S           HLM 8-3S          HLM 16-2S         HLM 25-5S       HLM 25-2S


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Heila also offers custom made cranes.